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Nicola Durighetto

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Here's a gallery of the latest products I developed in my free time.


A webapp to digitize data from plots. Paste a screenshot, setup axis location and properties, and get datapoints from the plot.

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ASMR Filter for Youtube

A browser extension to quickly filter ASMR content in or out of all Youtube pages. Useful if you use Youtube for both ASMR and non-ASMR content, and you'll like to keep them separate.

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A dashboard to monitor the Valfredda creek: shows a live cam, automatically collects climate data and weather forecast, estimates flowrate and flowing stream netwrok length.

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These private tools help me in my life.

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What do I do as an hydrologist in the academia?

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Hi, I'm Nicola Durighetto, a research fellow (RTDa) at the University of Padova, Italy. I am dedicated to studying the hydrology of non-perennial, headwater streams. My activities span environmental monitoring, data analysis, statistical and conceptual modelling. I have a Ph.D. in Sciences of Civil and Environmental Engineering. In my free time, I am passionate about coding and creating small apps to solve specific problems.

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Degrees and positions


Research fellow

University of Padova, Italy

Research focus: non-perennial streams, gas exchange between mountain streams and atmosphere

Teaching duties: hydrology and irrigation systems



University of Padova, Italy

Conceptual, numerical, data-driven & stochastic modeling of non-perennial river networks; monitoring of stream network dynamics, surface runoff, groundwater & riverine gas exchange


Ph.D. Degree

University of Padova, Italy

Setup of an environmental monitoring network; statistical and conceptual modeling of network dynamics.

Thesis: Exploring pulsing river netwoks using empirical and theoretical tools

Master's Degree

Environmental Engineering

University of Padova, Italy & University of California, Irvine

Thesis: A stochastic view of the impact of flow regimes on mussel population dynamics

Batchelor Degree

Environmental Engineering

University of Padova, Italy


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